I am looking to make some head-way in this blog towards understanding some things about some Big Things, namely,

The nature of a higher power.

The place of a higher power in our lives.

What we want from a higher power.

What is fair to want from a higher power.



From some independent poking around that I’ve done, I’ve come to believe that our human ability to imagine is central to understanding the nature of a higher power.

Please note that I am not saying that a higher power is simply something we imagine. Not only would this be uninteresting, but I don’t believe it.

I mean that our ability to imagine (or tell stories) is the stuff we need to have a relationship to a higher power at all. Consequently, how we use (or abuse) our ability to imagine is crucial to the sort of relationship we have with a higher power.

For this reason, discussion of the ins-and-outs of our imaginations will be popping up here-and-there in our investigations into the nature of a higher power.

Themes will include:

~Our imaginative abilities;

~Relationships we may have to our imaginings;

~Realities and unrealities of our imaginings;

~Connections between memory and imaginings;

~Importance of imaginings to an individual life;

~Importance of shared imaginings to our communal life;

~Potential dangers of imaginings;

~Reason’s restraints on imaginings;

~Why we are enthralled by imaginings;

~Possibilities for creating a home for ourselves through imaginings;

and, finally,

~Where acting and actors fit into it all.



I’m going to supply a map of some of our discoveries, which I’ll fill in as I go along.

This will help to keep us oriented.

It will also help us keep our hopes up when it looks like the reeds ahead are impenetrable.


A List of Most Important Posts with Explanations of Why They are the Most Important

I’m supplying a list of Essential Posts for those of you who want to get up-to-speed without having to slog through every post (although such slogging may have benefits in terms of entertainment and understanding).

These are the posts that I think are closer to the Heart (and Head) of the matter than most.

~In the beginning was “Robin Hood.” And it was (pretty) good.  The entry that first broaches the connection between loss and what we want from a higher power. First example, in this blog and in my heart, of the importance of imaginings in our relationships with each other. Suggests the possibility that an actor may attain the status of a higher power.


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