There are so many quality things out there that deserve to be known.

For example,

  • 12-step Higher Power Discussion ~The only homework I’ll give you. An honest, heartfelt site. People trying to work through what they believe. I will be critical of what they say. Nowadays, many treat criticism of other’s deeply-held beliefs as rude, akin to spitting in a dinner guest’s face. But as I view it, when criticism is done respectfully, it is an act of caring. What is less caring than to ignore, to not take seriously, to refuse to consider, what others say? That would be rude table manners. I admire these people, even though I end up having problems with what they say.
  • Austenprose ~So much Jane, so little time. Why spend it anywhere but the best? Elegant and sensible. Jane would be proud.
  • Dante’s Inferno Test ~Which Circle of Hell awaits you? Turns out it’s number Seven for me, smack dab in the River Styx. My husband gets to while away all Eternity hob-nobbing with intellectual Pagans in Purgatory. I told you I married the American Michael Palin. Warning: the aesthetics of the site deserve to be in the Circle of Hell closest to the Devil Himself.
  • Failure Magazine ~Because failure is always an option. A treat for the soul and the eyes.
  • Film Reference ~Yes, yes. It’s not as complete as Imdb. But it’s much more human. It offers pre-chewed information about actors, films, the craft of film-making and histories of genres. Well worth the time it takes to swallow. And doesn’t a Reference sound more appealing than a Database? I’m switching. (Besides, no eye gunk. Imdb is so gunky.)
  • Lustbox: Alan Rickman (article from pauseliveaction) ~A title so good, it deserved to be rewarded. Do I have to mention the site is also great? I should, because it deserves to be rewarded. Film reviews that won’t give you a stomachache, except, sometimes, from laughter.
  • One Higher Power ~Someone else reflecting on the nature of a higher power. Probably doing it better than I am.
  • Palin’s Travels ~If you must travel, you must visit this wonderfully done site first. If you’re sensible enough not to, you must visit this wonderfully done site to see what you’re missing. In other words, just do yourself the favor of visiting and lose yourself in beautiful photography and all the glory that is Michael Palin’s travels. A service to Humankind.

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